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How to Create Stunning Luxury Gardens

Whether you live in a majestic period villa immersed in the greenery of a hillside, a sophisticated city house or a spectacular home overlooking the sea, there is no better way to experience nature than by creating a luxury garden. And a well-designed green space can boost your property’s value and make you feel at one with the natural world.

Incorporating eco-friendly and sustainable elements is an increasingly important aspect of luxury landscaping. This can include planting native plants, water-efficient irrigation systems and rainwater harvesting, as well as organic gardening practices. These features help reduce water consumption, maintenance costs and carbon emissions while demonstrating the homeowners’ commitment to environmental responsibility. In addition, many buyers place a high value on homes with these green features and are willing to pay more for properties with thoughtfully designed gardens.

Plants are the foundation of any luxury gardens by DabneyCollins and can be used to set the tone, create a focal point or simply add colour. In luxurious gardens, greenery is often carefully pruned or arranged to accentuate the plant’s form and create a sense of depth. Ornamental grasses, box shrubs and hedging are great options for adding texture and colour to a garden without overpowering its clean lines. Incorporating swaying bamboo fences, ponds and carefully raked gravel or mossy ground cover can help to create a peaceful and meditative Japanese-inspired garden that exudes relaxation and calmness.

The use of outdoor furniture and other decorative pieces can also add a touch of luxury to a garden. Decorative pieces such as stone or marble fountains, glazed pots and porcelain tiles can bring an opulent and refined look to your outdoor space. These elements can be combined with wooden furniture or rattan chairs to create a traditional and elegant style, or with a more contemporary twist by using unique suspended mini pagodas, modern outdoor sofas and minimalistic concrete tables.

Similarly, statement flowering and non-flowering plants can also help to add a feeling of luxury to your garden. The use of exotic orchids Orchidaceae with their delicate flowers and long-lasting blooms is one way to achieve this. Other favourites include palm trees Arecaceae which are associated with tropical paradises and high-end resorts, and the lotus Nelumbo nucifera which is sacred in many cultures and represents purity and enlightenment.

However, the key to a luxury garden is in its planning and clever zoning. Rather than simply buying lots of expensive furniture and plants and attempting to put them together, it is best to call in a professional garden designer who can help you to develop a clear plan of the space that makes the most of its potential. This will help you to prioritise and make informed decisions whilst keeping costs in check. The use of a good lighting scheme is also key to creating a dramatic and opulent feel. The strategic interplay of light can highlight key architectural features and create a moody and atmospheric atmosphere after dark.

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